Liquid Chlorophyll - Alcohol Free


NutriVital Liquid Chlorophyll contains alfalfa
extract and plant sourced chlorophyll. It acts as
an internal cleanser. When consumed regularly,
chlorophyll is extremely beneficial for the skin.
Naturally alkalising, chlorophyll can also be used as
a mouth gargle to help to eliminate bad breath.

NutriVital products are available at your local Go Vita store or online through Go Vita Australia.

Chlorophyll concentrates, Medicago sativa (alfalfa), purified water, glycerol, citric acid anhydrous, potassium sorbate and spearmint oil.

Suitable for vegetarians and vegans
Free from shellfish and crustaceans
Free from nuts and peanuts
Free from gluten
Free from corn
Free from salicylates and sulphites
Free from artificial sweeteners and artificial colours
Free from soya beans and soya products
Free from milk and milk products
Free from sugars

Serving Suggestions:
Add two teaspoons (10mL) to 250mL of water or juice three times daily as a nutritional aid.
Cautions: The chlorophyll pigment may give bowel movements a greenish tinge.

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